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Susanne Karcher

After completing Chemical Engineering studies in Germany, Susanne Karcher started her company EnviroSense CC (an Environmental Consultancy) in Cape Town in 1999 ( .  Her company specialises in the planning, development and facilitation of tailor-made governmental, industrial/commercial and residential “Integrated Resource and Waste Management” programmes ultimately geared towards pollution prevention.

Susanne is also a founding member of the African Circular Economy Network ( ). 


As a one-woman consultancy business Susanne specialised early in her career on furthering collaborative, safe and inclusive WEEE management. 

Since the end of 2020 Susanne has been appointed by WRF and Empa as the National Coordinator for the Phase 2 of the SRI South Africa project which is concerned (amongst other things) with assisting the DFFE with the development of a sustainable and inclusive National WEEE policy as well as defining operational and technical minimum standards for WEEE management operators and their facilities. In addition, the SRI project also guides relevant key stakeholders with the development of WEEE educational curriculum and local WEEE project implementation frameworks. Recently, Susanne was mandated by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to represent South Africa at the ISO Technical Committees on Environmental Management (TC207/SC5) and Circular Economy (TC323).

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