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Lorne Sulcas

International speaker Lorne Sulcas – The Big Cat Guy

Keynote Presentation:


Thriving in a Wild World™ – Million Year-Old Success Secrets from Africa’s Big Cats™

Sustaining Exceptional Teamwork, Resilience and Competitive Advantage 

in the Face of Change 


He is not your average motivational speaker. 

He appears on CNN. He has spoken on the world’s biggest stages to executives and employees of organizational giants around the globe from NASA to Sony to The World Bank. 

His presentations are like nothing you’ve ever seen before –or will ever see again!

He’s an extraordinary expert.

Internationally renowned keynote and conference speaker Lorne Sulcas was a sought-after leadership trainer in the concrete jungle, and spent nearly a decade a game ranger, tracking, observing and photographing Africa’s Big Cats on a daily basis.  Today, The Big Cat Guy speaks all over the world, sharing game-changing success secrets from these super-predators with top organisations, teams and athletes. 

“It’s a jungle out there.” In a Wild World, merely surviving is not enough. To THRIVE in a world of change and competition requires exceptional resilience, teamwork, leadership and MOTIVATION. In the tough, “eat or be eaten” marketplace of Nature, Africa’s three big cats – cheetah, leopard, and lion – are apex predators with a million-year old proven track record of not just surviving, but thriving in a fiercely competitive, challenging and changing world.  

In this extraordinary and compelling motivational keynote, Lorne inspires and entertains with his unique expertise, experience and insights of Africa’s Big Cats, and his internationally-awarded wildlife photography. The unforgettable take-aways for the audience: potent success lessons of sustaining exceptional results, growth, and uncommon synergy in the face of massive challenges, change and competition. 

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