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About Us

Circular Energy is duly registered as a not-for-profit, Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) in accordance with the legal requirements of the Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations (No. 43879)

We operate a nationwide take-back system for the collection, recycling, and environmentally sound processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment, (WEEE), Lighting and lighting Equipment, Batteries and Packaging.

As a PRO, we are approved and registered with the Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and the Environment (DFFE) with the following registration numbers:

Electric and Electronic Equipment – 19/7/6/E/PRO/20211012/006

Lighting and Lighting Equipment – 19/7/7/L/PRO/20220808/031

Paper and Packaging – 19/7/5/P/PRO/20220808/032

Portable Batteries – 19/7/5/P/PRO/20230428/039


Circular Energy aims to continually contribute to green and clean systems through industry best practices and international standards.


The core objectives of Circular Energy are:

  • Operating a compliant scheme according to strict governance principles
  • Promoting and putting into practice circular economy principles
  • Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals to effect change with meaningful impact
  • Protecting the environment with an inclusive and holistic best practice approach