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Circular Energy and PV CYCLE collaborate to enhance Solar PV Compliance and Recycling Practices

Darshan Rangai - 19 June 2024 - 0 comments

In a bid to champion Extended Producer Responsibility compliance and solar PV recycling practices, Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) Circular Energy NPC, has embarked on a strategic partnership with PV CYCLE, a distinguished European PRO renowned for its expertise in offering compliance and managing the end-of-life phase of photovoltaic (PV) Panels and the recovery of all its materials.

Amidst the escalating worldwide demand for solar PV systems, the imperative to manage the collection, the recycling and the financing of PV Panels responsibly has intensified. Considering this, Circular Energy and PV CYCLE are uniting their efforts to establish pioneering industry benchmarks for comprehensive solar PV recycling in South Africa. Their shared objective is to ensure the preservation of clean energy technologies while reducing their ecological footprint.

Patricia Schröder, CEO at Circular Energy, emphasised the significance of the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with PV CYCLE aligns seamlessly with our commitment to advancing responsible solar PV recycling. By leveraging our combined expertise, we aspire to redefine the industry’s approach to sustainable energy management.”

Jan Clyncke, Managing Director at PV CYCLE, echoed this sentiment, adding, “Through our partnership with Circular Energy, we aim to drive the photovoltaic industry in South Africa to comply with the existing Producer Responsibility legislation and to offer cost efficient recycling. By synergising our capabilities and resources, we are strategically positioned to guide the South African PV Market towards a more circular economy.”

Central to this partnership is proactive engagement with a variety of stakeholders, including manufacturers, importers, installers, policymakers and consumers. The objective is to create a level playing field for all companies placing PV Panels and Energy Storage Systems for the first time on South African territory within the context of the EPR Regulations of 2020. The collaboration will encompass a series of targeted initiatives, such as workshops, webinars and informative campaigns, all designed to facilitate the widespread adoption of these EPR obligations.

The cooperation between Circular Energy and PV CYCLE marks a significant leap towards a more sustainable and circular solar PV energy sector. By leading the way in responsible management of PV Panels and Energy Storage Systems, both entities are guiding all market players involved in extended producer responsibility to a cleaner and more environmentally conscious future.



Darshan Rangai


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