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Dispose of your used household batteries responsibly at Hirsch’s

Idele Prinsloo - 22 February 2024 - 0 comments

Despite increasing awareness about the proper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste), including household batteries, many consumers are still unsure where to correctly and safely dispose of these items, which can accumulate quickly.

To address this issue, the Producer Responsibility Organisation, Circular Energy NPC and retailer Hirsch’s have joined forces to introduce dedicated household battery disposal containers at various Hirsch’s branches nationwide, beginning with the Ballito Branch, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, today February 7, 2024.

Patricia Schröder, CEO for Circular Energy, stated that information about the rollout schedule for other branches would be disseminated in due course. She emphasised, “The goal of this collaboration is to simplify the process of disposing household batteries, making it convenient and promoting environmentally friendly and legally compliant e-waste recycling.”

This initiative aligns with the Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations, effective since May 2021. These regulations mandate that companies involved in manufacturing and/or importing, to sell electrical, electronic, lighting goods and batteries take responsibility for the proper recycling and responsible management of products post-consumer use.

Allan Hirsch, the founder of Hirsch’s, expressed that the initiative reflects the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, stating: “The responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste and battery waste is so important today. Not only do we need to keep the environment clean and healthy, but there are also employment opportunities with regards to recycling products that have previously ended up in landfills. Hirsch’s are delighted to have partnered with Circular Energy on this initiative.”

Accepted Household Portable Battery Types

Members of the public will be able to dispose of the following household battery types in the bins at Hirsch’s:

  1. Alkaline batteries:
    • AA batteries used in:
      • Remote controls, flashlights, digital cameras, portable radios.
    • AAA batteries used in:
      • TV remote controls, small toys, handheld games.
    • C and D batteries used in:
      • Larger flashlights, portable stereos, some toys.
    • 9-volt batteries used in:
      • Smoke detectors, alarm clocks, some guitar pedals.
  2. Sealed lithium batteries used in:
      • Cameras, watches, remote controls.
  3. Zinc-carbon batteries used in:
      • Clocks, basic remote controls, some toys, flashlights.
  4. Button cell batteries used in:
    • Watches, calculators, hearing aids, remote car keys.
  5. Silver oxide batteries used in:
    • Watches, medical devices.

Battery Recycling Process

Schröder added that the disposed household batteries collected at Hirsch’s will undergo a meticulous recycling process that strictly adhere to environmentally friendly standards, minimising the impact on the ecosystem. “By responsibly managing the materials within the batteries, we can assure users that their commitment to proper disposal directly contributes to a healthier planet.”

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